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Precision and creativity

Domaine Laurent Mouton

To watch what we have planted grow, to take care of it, to enhance it:
it is fascinating.

Domaine Laurent Mouton
Domaine Laurent Mouton
Domaine Laurent Mouton

Family winery
At Givry for
4 generations.

My great grandfather, Eugène, created the Winery. My grandfather, Charles, continued to develop the operation which grew to 3 hectares of vineyard.

In 1968, my father, Gérard, took over the Winery and increased the size with my mother, Armelle. Together they began the production with the sales of the very first bottles in 1976.

I was very proud to become part of the family operation in 2002. We now work our vineyard among the most beautiful terroirs of the Côte Chalonnaise. Today, the future is taking shape under the watchful eyes of the previous generations.

It is with rigour and the respect of traditions
that we cultivate our 12 hectares of vineyards
of Burgundy, Givry & Givry 1er cru designations.

  • Integrated farming against the predators of the vine.
  • Regular plowings of our soils to assure a healthy implanting of our vines and bring a rich and varied biological life.
  • Limited yields to obtain an ideal maturity of our harvest.
  • A sorted out harvest in the vineyard.
  • Production with rigor and hygiene as key words.
  • Control of temperatures during the vinification.
  • Just use of oak barrels for fine and delicate ageing.

Pinots noirs

The grapes are 100% destemmed for a maceration period of 12 to 20 days with uninterrupted temperature control.

Maturation in barrels lasts 12 months, mostly in new oak and one-year-old oak for the premiers crus.


They are pressed immediately after harvesting and fermented partially in thermoregulated stainless vats and partially in 400 litre barrels for 8 months.

Maturation on lees ensures an aromatic complexity and provides a nice full body to our Cuvée Excellence.